Vujovic: “We knew how hard it is to play Nexe in Nasice“

Stevan Vujovic

Nexe - Motor Zaporozhye 25:28 (15:14)

(Barisic Jaman 6, Jelinic 6, Car 11 saves / Vujovic 7) 

Ievgen Budko, Motor Zaporozhye coach:
I'm really glad we managed to secure the win in the end. There were periods when we were down but I'm happy we managed to get over it and reach new points.

Stevan Vujovic, Motor Zaporozhye player:
I'm happy we managed to win because we knew how hard it is to play Nexe in Nasice. Match was quite similar to the one we played in Zaporozhye. I have to add I really like the way Nexe are playing and I'd like to congratulate them on their performance here today.

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
We've played a really good game except for the final few minutes when we lost everything after missing two seven-meter shots. Now we have to analyze this game, see what was good and try to get rid of everything bad. Motor are a really good team and it's not easy to play against them, especially when you finish the game the way we did today. We have two more games left - in Zagreb versus BSU and at home against Vardar where we want to reach six points.

Fran Mileta, Nexe player:
As coach said we were playing really well throughout the bigger part of the game but in the end made a few mistakes which proved to be costly. I want to congratulate guests on the win today.