First win of SEHA December goes to Meshkov Brest

Meshkov Brest

Belarusian champions, Meshkov Brest opened SEHA December in the best way possible for them as they delivered 34:26 (17:13) victory against Spartak.

From the very beginning, the guests showed that they have serious intentions for winning the points tonight. Meshkov already had three goals advantage in the 6th minute. The gap between the teams kept on rising as time went by in the first half. Maxim Baranau was one of the biggest stars in the first half as he scored 7 goals in the first 30 minutes and carried Meshkov on the court. 

Even though Spartak opened the second half motivated and managed to decrease the gap to 3 goals, Belarusian champions once again stepped up the level of their play and gave an answer to who will be the winner in this match.

Maxim Baranau exploded in this one with brilliant 13 goals for Meshkov Brest. On the other side, Aleksey Fokin netted 6 times for Spartak.