SEHA December is in town!

Marin Sipic

The most wonderful time of the year, SEHA December, has finally come. Cozy holiday atmosphere is knocking on our doors as we are entering the month that will be special for all members of the SEHA family for various different reasons.

In the most exciting month, we will witness 18 incredible clashes on SEHA court that will paint a clear picture of who will secure top spots in both groups and proceed directly into the quarter-finals. There is no doubt, a heated race for these spots is in front of us and teams will show all their glory in order to secure them. 

Besides new adventures that SEHA December will bring on the court, weeks that are to come will be filled with surprises, gifts and holiday magic.

For the fourth year in a row, SEHA Claus, alongside hummel, will once again make sure that the most loyal 8th players get valuable prizes under their Christmass tree. Be8player's Best Handball Fan Contest vol. 4 will enter its peek in SEHA December and reward the best of the best. And nothing says happy holidays better than two all-inclusive tickets for 9th SEHA season Final 4 tournament which will be reserved for one lucky winner! What a fanstastic end of the year will that be... 

So, get ready for the month full of festivity both on and outside of the court and get out your stockings. SEHA Claus is coming to town and it's time to greet him and his little elves. The magic of SEHA December is aleady peeking through and we can't wait to see what the rest of this incredible month has in store!