Meshkov Brest prolong contracts with Matskevich, Selviasiuk and Shkurinskiy

Ivan Matskevich

Three well-known Meshkov Brest stars have prolonged their contracts with Belarusian Champions. Ivan Matskevich will stay in the club for two more years as well as Artsiom Selviasiuk, while Alexander Shkurinskiy signed a one year contract. 

Twenty-eight years old goalie, Matskevich and twenty-four years old left back, Shkurinskiy joined the club in 2017 and managed to win the Belarusian Championship twice as a part of the Meshkov squad. Moreover, the fans voted Shkurinskiy as the best player two seasons ago. 

On the other hand, twenty-six years old Selviasiuk has been a part of Meshkov Brest for a few years now. In that time, he proved to be one of the key figures in the squad. Alongside three domestic Championship titles, this experienced line player have came on top of the domestic Cup two times with the team from Brest.

This trio played the important role during the previous season when Meshkov Brest managed to secure 3rd position at the SEHA Final 4 tournament while Selviasiuk was a part of the squad in the 2014/2015 season when Belarusian champions finished 2nd at the SEHA Final 6 tournament.