Rogan: “We did make some mistakes but we were playing in high rhythm“

Luka Rogan

Vojvodina - Beijing Sport University 38:25 (16:9)
(Grozdanic 14, Nikolic 5 / Yu Wang 7)

Vlado Sola, Beijing Sport University coach:
We looked bad in defense. We're playing much better during the training sessions and I hope we'll soon start proving that on the court. Attack was on the other hand much better. I hope we'll keep on making progress and be more aggressive on the defensive end of the court.

Liu Zhaoliang, Beijing Sport University player:
We started the match well in the attack but then allowed them to score way too many easy goals. We have to figure out how to stop opponents more effectively when we're on the defensive side of the court. I believe we can improve because we were playing significantly better in the second half already.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
Today we saw that this Chinese team is making good progress. We had to fight hard to win this one but we'll use that for preparations for our next match – the one against Vardar. This three-week break that is upon us is coming at the perfect time for us.

Luka Rogan, Vojvodina player:
We opened the gap in the first half and managed to keep it that way all the way until the end. We did make some mistakes but we were playing in quite high rhythm and I feel like, in such situations, that's normal and expected.