SEHA Throwback: It was a victory of togetherness, fair play and unbelievable team spirit!

Eurofarm Rabotnik

It's not everyday that a small town like Bitola welcomes a handball giant like Telekom Veszprem. Not only was it a huge handball fest for all lovers of this unpredictable sport, but even bigger event for the city itself. 

The city of consuls, as other like to call it, welcomed handball Goliath with open arms. With big ambition, but realistic expectations Eurofarm Rabotnik prepared for this match in silence. Very careful with their statements and goals, amazing collective from Bitola worked hard under the radar. The fans recognized their commitment hence why the Boro Curlevski hall was full with their loyal supporters. 

As soon as the whistle marked the beginning of  this historic clash, it was clear that Eurofarm's magicians are eager to show their true colors. From the very first moment, the incredible 7 on the court acted like one. 

And it is hard to find the proper words to explain what happened during those heroic 60 minutes. It feels as though it was all a blur. 

But, as the stands were shouting, “this is Bitola“, this is the team in whose dictionary you can't find the word “impossible“. Because, nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself. When you're not afraid of the opponent that is standing in front of you. Because, alongside incredible skills and practiced tactics, it takes a lot more to be a real winner. It takes huge heart that beats in sync with your teammates. It takes courage to take responsibillity when you're not doing so great. It takes  every single atom of your body to get up after you failed.

And these guys also had those moments yesterday. There were some shots that even unstoppable Nikolce Mitrevski couldn't save. There were some shots that the best scorers could not place in the goal. But, the key of their unbelivable achievement was hidden in their persistance. Giving up was not an option, even when Veszprem were so close to make a comeback. 

It sound just like an old, biblical story until you witness it directly. Just as it was written hundreds years before, David once again managed to beat Goliath. And it was not only a victory in the sport sense, but a victory of togetherness, fair play and unbelievable team spirit. 

Eurofarm Rabotnik did not only beat the Hungarian champions, they beat their own selves. And without a doubt, a sleepless night was behind the pride of Bitola because their reality that night was better than any dream.