Vukovic: “I would like to congratulate to my players because they played with a huge motive“

Veselin Vukovic

Metaloplastika - Meshkov Brest 35:33 (20:14)
(Djukic 15, Kljajic 7 / Vailupau 20, Bachko 7) 

Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach:
I would like to congratulate to Meshkov Brest on their fair play, we knew that their team was not in a full strength. This wasn't a easy match, alongside the suspensions and Nemanja Gojkovic's injury, it was difficult to change the players on the court. I am proud of my players because they played with a huge motive.

Aleksa Kljajic, Metaloplastika player:
I would also like to congratulate to my team for this victory. We showed that we know how to play with big teams from the SEHA League. Now, we are concentrating on the new match that is scheduled for Sunday.

Andrey Mochalov, Meshkov Brest assistant coach:
I want to cogratulate to our opponents on their victory. Ofcourse, the first half of the match we can consider as a fail because we allowed 20 goals into our net. These goals were caused by our errors. We really improved as the match went by, we decreased the number of errors. Even though we managed to catch up the result at one moment, we still made some mistakes.

Daniel Andejew, Meshkov Brest player:
It was a really tough and fast-paced match. We made much mistakes. We started the match good, our defence was okay. But, in the second half we had some problems with the goalkeeper. It was a 50-50 match today.