Dimitrioski: “We have to learn from players like Dibirov, Cupic and Shiskarev and that's a big plus for us“

Dimitar Dimitrioski

Vardar - Beijing Sport University 37:23 (19:12)
(Dimitrioski 6, Atman 6, Shishkarev 6; Khalifa 13 saves /  Xie 8, Huang 4)

David Jose Pisonero, Vardar coach:
Congratulations to the University of Beijing who played a very good match. It wasn't easy for us, we were a little nervous as it was our first official game this season. The most important thing for us was to win and prove a lot, especially with our younger players. We are happy with our victory and our approach to the match.

Dimitar Dimitrioski, Vardar player:
Congratulations to the Beijing team on the fair play in all 60 minutes. We wanted to win the SEHA League start, we were a little nervous, but we did what the coach was looking for. It is good that young players are given a chance and we should always strive to use it and show that we are not just a reserve. We have to learn from players like Dibirov, Cupic and Shiskarev and that's a big plus for us being in the same team with them.

Vlado Sola, Beijing Sport University coach:
Congratulations to Vardar for an easy victory. The home team played as much as they needed to win. I am pleased with my team because it was the first match for us and the first experience with a European club at this level. I think we played disciplined for 50 minutes but failed in the last minutes and allowed Vardar to make a bigger difference.

Huang Peijie, Beijing Sport University player:
Today our team played as the collective and we are pleased with our match. We followed our coach's instructions and tips and fought as hard as we could. We are in the SEHA League to learn as much as possible and gain experience from European clubs, especially on a tactical level. We will continue to do so in the future.