David Davis: ”I'm happy because we won"

David Davis: I'm happy because we won

Meshkov Brest – Telekom Veszprem 27:28 (16:14) 

Djukic 8, Panic 7 / Lauge Schmidt 6; Cupara 11

Raul Alonso, Meshkov Brest coach:
First of all, congratulations to David and his team for a victory today. We knew that we are playing against one of the best teams in the world and we knew that we had to be on a higher level than we were in the past weeks. I think that my players did an fantastic job, and that we also had a chance to win the match. But, we have to re-organize our team a little bit after injuries, and for us, this match was the first big test to see what we can do. Respect to the players, playing against Veszprem is always though. If we increase the level of our play step by step we can do big things. We are also very sorry for the loss of Ada Konstantinovna Meshkova, she was an amazing lady and this is very hard moment for the team.

William Accambray, Meshkov Brest player
It was a tough game against a really good team, the first big test for us after the preseason. We had a good preseason. But, the last match was on Saturday, so we had only one day to prepare for this match. It was not so easy, but we played really good and until the last minute we had a chance to win. Congratulations to Veszprem! I think we will do great things if we play like today every time. 

David DavisTelekom Veszprem coach:
We didn’t start the match as we wanted to. The opponents had a great attack, good defense, good goalkeepers and they played at home. We made a lot of mistakes, the match was not as we liked it. But, I’m happy because we won.

Mate Lekai, Telekom Veszprem player:
It was a real derby, a clash of the two best teams in the League. It’s always hard to play here, Meshkov Brest are a very good team. We’re happy, but as our coach said, we have to improve. We have to play better, be smarter, be more disciplined.