1st SEHA TV Magazine 2019/2020


Dear handball friends, 

welcome to the new, ninth season of the SEHA – Gazprom League

According to many people, the most exciting and the strongest season ever awaits. Apart from excellent matches, the ninth edition of the League brings a new playing system, some familiar, but also some new faces who marked the start of a new handball era. Divided into two groups, instead of then, twelve clubs will start their SEHA journey.

It is time to introduce you to the magnificent 12, uncover some interesting facts ahead of the start of the competition, and also share the expectations of our stars. We are proud to again have the two-time SEHA champions, and the finalists of last year's Champions League, Hungarian Telekom Veszprem. Also, in SEHA, the Serbian Metaloplastika Sabac will again compete with us. Of course, we have the debutants who will enrich the upcoming season. Russian Spartak, Ukrainian Motor Zaporozhye, Eurofarm Rabotnik from Bitola and the Chinese Beijing Sport University will record their premiere appearances in SEHA history. Out of twelve SEHA clubs, seven of them will play in the Champions League.

So, sit back comfortably and enjoy the first episode of SEHA TV Magazine in the ninth season!