Beijing Sport University – global face meets the region

SEHA univerzalna

It is now very clear that the new season of the SEHA  - Gazprom League will present itself with a lot of novelties. The fresh faces that joined us will definitely bring more diversity and new challenges to the SEHA family. One of those new participants will be the team from Beijing Sport University, what is the beginning of the new handball era.

Their debut season in our League is going to be full of excitement and new challenges as this will be their first encounter with the European handball and this kind of competition. It will be interesting to see their playing style, tactics and how will they accustom to this new environment. There is no doubt, this is a historical step in our League.

Well-known former Croatian national team goalie, Vlado Sola will lead this team in their first SEHA adventure and the Chinese team will have the chance to learn from one of the best former handball players and amazing coach.

They will start their SEHA journey in Group B where they will meet with the newcomers from Bitola, Eurofarm Rabotnik, Belarusian champions Meshkov Brest and well-known SEHA team, PPD Zagreb. Along the way, they will also play against two returnees; Hungarian champions Telekom Veszprem and ambitious Serbian Metaloplastika Sabac. 

The joining of the Beijing Sport University to the SEHA family marks the beginning of the new handball era in the region. We are eagerly waiting for the new season to start and can say that the 9th edition of our League will be more exciting and different than ever before.