Vardar's Lady Biljana Crvenkoska: ““It is a great honour and a privilege to write history”

Biljana Crvenkoska

Handball is her life painted in red and black colours. She is a well-known face from Macedonian miracle Vardar, an amazing woman with unbelievable energy and positive spirit. Her name is Biljana Crvenkoska and she is the first female assistant coach who has won the men’s VELUX EHF Champions League. It is a great honour and a privilege to write history as the first woman who won the men's EHF Champions League. This success also brings responsibility and motivation for even more work in sports“, proudly said Biljana.

She has spent her entire handball career in Vardar and at the start of the 2018/19 season, she became the first female assistant coach in the men’s team of Vardar. I started my handball career as a player in Vardar, then I was a deputy director and now, I am an assistant coach to Roberto Parrondo. So, I have already had some experience on the bench and because of it, this job is not something new at all for me. Certainly, the responsibility of the coach is enormous, you should respond in the right way each time and take care of every detail in the match, but satisfaction is the same“.

Biljana is an irreplaceable member of the Vardar family, is a great support to the squad and coach Parrondo’s right hand. She is also a great example that all dreams can come true. “Each coach has the same wish, to win the title of the champions. My wish is fulfilled. I like handball and I want to work as a coach, and I find myself in that role. Hopefully, one day I'll be the head coach of the champions.”

We wish Biljana good luck and lots of success in her coaching career!