Golden generation: Thank you for making us proud and happy once again!


Macedonian miracle, a club where hearts beat like one. A team that is like a family, a golden generation with a golden shine, whose names will be written in golden letters in the history of Macedonian sport. Vardar once again confirmed that they are the best of the best. Incredible story from Skopje got a perfect ending, when the Red and Black climbed the throne under the spotlights of the home of handball, Lanxess Arena. With thousands of golden confetti, hugged and with tears of joy and pride, they received the trophy for the best European club.

This incredible story of the SEHA champions confirmed that this is a team with incredible spirit, that believed in togetherness, in their hearts, in impossible. This is a team that brings home the European trophy again, back to the country of the rising sun, a country that thanks to them became the land where the sun shines forever.

Master di tactica, Roberto Garcia Parrondo orchestrated his violins in the best possible way. And then, together they had a final, celebration dance in Cologne. The legendary captain Stojanche Stoilov heroically carried this unbelievable team, the team that had both feet on the ground the entire time.

Igor Karacic after seven years of symbiosis with Vardar, crowned his Macedonian story in the best possible way. From so many handball players, he was picked as the best, but he will always say that they medal around his neck is sweeter than the MVP trophy in his hand, and that the team deserves all the credit. The second Croatian in the squad of the Warriors, the tireless winger Ivan Cupic is known as the good spirit of this team. His seventh appearance in Cologne was definitely the happiest for him, as he won his third title.

The Latvian giant Dainis Kristopans bombarded the opponent's defence and played the best two matches in his career. Rogerio Moraes, just like the beat of samba, sneaked around opposing players, the defence would join in the dance and the ball found its way to the goal. On both sides of the court, Timur Dibirov was flying, forgetting about the years on his back. Gleb Kalarash gave his all in defence, rising star Dejan Milosavljev was incredible in goal.

The fantastic Slovenian Stas Skube amazing too, the youngster Janja Vojvodic, the veteran Vlado Nedanovski, the big potential Ghedbane Khalifa and the entire army of players, staff and loyal fans played a part in this success.

The golden medal for the golden generation, for every drop of sweat. For every mocking laugh and question mark above their head. Thank you for making us proud and happy once again! Macedonia can celebrate, the handball world can too!