Tatran Presov defend domestic title


Tatran Presov have once again managed to defend domestic title in Slovakia. Slavko Goluza and his players were in final series dominant against Povazska Bystrica taking a 3-0 victory with a summed up goal difference of +33. In the final match of the series (35:23) Lukas Urban led his team with eight goals while Tomas Cip added six. In the semi-final matchup they defeated Nove Zamky 3-0 as well. After the match coach Goluza congratulated all of his players as well as club leaders and fans for being there for them throughout the entire length of this long and hard season.

This was 15th championship title in a row for one of the teams which has been a part of the regional league from its very beginnings.

On the other side, Slovakian champions didn't manage to take Cup trophy as thel lost the final match.