8th SEHA - Gazprom League Final 4 in numbers

Final 4 in numbers

Another SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 tournament is behind us. Take a look at the most interesting numbers that marked the spectacular ending to the 8th SEHA season.


1 – Roberto Garcia Parrondo won his first SEHA title, in his first season in charge with Vardar

1 – PPD Zagreb’s head coach Branko Tamse is the only coach with previous SEHA Final 4 experience, as he won bronze with Celje PL, last year in Skopje xn

2 – This was Vardar's second SEHA – Gazprom League title won in Brest, first one was in 2017 when they also won the EHF Champions League

2 - OTT platforms live streamed the matches (ehftv.com and PallamanoTV), while VK live streamed all four matches on the official SEHA – Gazprom League page

2 – This was the second time two teams (PPD Zagreb vs Nexe) from the same country played in the semi-final, after Vardar and Metalurg met in 2012 in Zagreb

5 – It was the fifth time Vardar lifted the trophy at the SEHA Final 4. Only Igor Karacic and Stojanche Stoilov won all five of them

5 – Five players were included in both the ideal team of the regular season and Final 4 (Milosavljev, Kristopans, Dibirov, Horvat, and Horak)

6 – Marko Buvinic scored 6 penalties against PPD Zagreb in the semi-final

7 – Number of TV stations that broadcasted the matches, in 11 countries

8 – This was the eighth edition of the SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 tournament

13 – In four matches, we have seen 13 shots hit the post, 4 in the final between Vardar and PPD Zagreb

20 – Halil Jaganjac, who will not turn 21 until June, was the youngest player at the SEHA Final 4 in Brest. Last year it was Domen Makuc, 17 at the time.

22 – Best goalkeeper of the SEHA Final 4, Vardar’s Dejan Milosavljev recorded 15 saves in the semi-final and 7 in the final

25 – SEHA Final 4 MVP Dainis Kristopans was directly involved in 25 goals; the Latvian recorded 12 goals and 13 assists

26 – Vardar scored 26 goals in the final, the same number as in the 2017 final match in Brest

26 – Croatia was the country with the most players at the SEHA Final 4

47.75 – Average number of goals per match at the final tournament

51 – Number of goals Vardar and PPD Zagreb each scored at the Final 4

70 – More than 70 volunteers were a crucial part of the SEHA Final 4 in Brest

73 – Tin Kontrec played his 73rd and final SEHA match in PPD Zagreb’s jersey, so far

74 – Goalkeepers made 74 saves at the SEHA Final 4

88 – Zlatko Horvat is the best SEHA Final 4 scorer of all-time, with 88 goals in 17 final tournament matches

100 – Nexe’s Ante Gadza scored his 100th SEHA goal in the semi-final versus PPD Zagreb

100 – Over 100 performers were a part of the SEHA Final 4 entertainment programme

113 – Igor Karacic's 113th appearance was his last SEHA match, so far

122 – SEHA Final 4 printed magazine was 122 pages long

131 - accredited journalists and technical staff were a part of the SEHA Final 4

168 – Two best scorers of the season who played at the Final 4 were Zlatko Horvat (85 goals) and Halil Jaganjac (83 goals) and they scored 168 goals together

191 – Goals scored in total at the 2019 SEHA Final 4 in Brest

200 – Daniil Shishkarev scored his 200th SEHA goal in the final versus PPD Zagreb

293 – Two best goalkeepers of the season combined for 293 saves in 2018/19, they were Dejan Milosavljev (153) and Moreno Car (140)

1136 – Distance from Brest to Skopje in kilometres. Last two SEHA Final 4 host cities

3740 – Capacity of Victoria Sports Hall in Brest