Cupic: “It won’t be easy but it will be the big final“

Ivan Cupic

David Mandic, PPD Zagreb player:
We still don’t know who is going to come out of the second semi-final but whoever does we know the most important thing will be our performance and in case we manage to play our best anything can happen. 

Zlatko Horvat, PPD Zagreb player: 
Goal is of course to try to deliver the best possible outing tomorrow as well, against whoever comes out of that second semi-final, and try to win the trophy because obviously that's what we're all here for. 

Daniil Shishkarev, Vardar player: 
This will be our third game against Zagreb in only ten days and it definitely won’t be an easy one. However, we’ll give our best in order to use these 24 hours to prepare in the best possible way both mentally and physically for what’s waiting for us in the grand finale. 

Ivan Cupic, Vardar player: 
In 24 hours we’ll play Zagreb for the third time in only ten days. It won’t be easy but it will be the big finale and we most definitely won’t lack motivation. 

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images