Celje PL' s Jaka Malus to join Meshkov Brest starting from next season

Jaka Malus

Meshkov Brest have confirmed that a new player will join them during the summer, as the club has confirmed the signing of Jaka Malus to a two-year contract which also includes an option to extend the deal for another year.

Malus will become the third Slovenian in Brest, as the centre back will join Simon Razgor and Vid Poteko. Poteko also joined Belarusian champions from Celje PL, while Razgor, who played in Celje early in his career too, signed from Maribor.

SEHA fans should be pretty familiar with Malus, as he recorded 34 appearances for Slovenian champions in 2016/17 and 2017/18 in SEHA – Gazprom League. Two 22-year old will have a chance to build on his tally that currently stands at 57 goals and 36 assists. 

Malus was a part of the Celje PL squad that won the third place at the SEHA Final 4 in 2018, beating Meshkov Brest in the bronze medal match in Skopje.