Pesic: “I’m proud of my teammates“

Ivan Pesic

Vardar - Meshkov Brest 30:32 (16:17)

(Dibirov 6, Skube 6, Cupic 5 / Djordjic 8, Ivic 6; Pesic 12 saves)

Roberto Parrondo, Vardar coach:
Brest played a good match. They needed this win and that made the difference. We were not as aggressive as against Montpellier – players were quite tired and I fully understand them. We’ve also already secured a place for ourselves on the final tournament so this match was not as important for us as it was for them. Nevertheless, we must keep up with the good work and build focus for matches to come.

Daniil Shishkarev, Vardar player:
It wasn’t an easy match to play for us since we already secured our place on the final tournament and especially after the game against Montpellier which was quite exhausting. We’ve given our best but lost the match due to one mistake made in the key moment of the game.

Manolo Cadenas, Meshkov Brest coach:
We’re happy about this win. I believe it was visible on the court that we needed this win way more than Vardar because we were playing more aggressively out there and it paid off. Hosts were better in final 10 minutes of the encounter but we managed to respond in the right way when it mattered the most. We were both focused and lucky and as a result we’re now a step closer to F4.

Ivan Pesic, Meshkov Brest goalkeeper:
This was a very important match for us and we weren’t able to count on some of our key players like Horak, Shkurinsky and Obranovic. I believe we played a good game overall. I’m proud of my teammates and the fact we responded in the best possible way in key moments. We however did make some mistakes we must avoid in the match against Flensburg in Champions League.