Danilo Brestovac is the new Macedonian national team head coach

Metalurg - Izvidjac

Current Metalurg coach Danilo Brestovac (44) was selected as a new head coach of Macedonian national team for next three years. He will inherit Raul Gonzalez as PSG coach and Macedonian handball federation at the beginning of February mutually terminated the agreement.

Brestovac was officially promoted as the new head coach but will continue to lead Metalurg until the end of May, and then will be fully professionally focused on the national team. Six candidates applied for the head coach job at Macedonian team but Managing Board decided to pick the domestic coach, first one since 2013.

Brestovac has been in charge of Macedonian national teams in younger categories and has become the head coach of Metalurg at the beginning of the season.