Vujovic: “Metalurg showcased potential and fighting spirit“

Zeleznicar - Metalurg

Zeleznicar 1949 - Metalurg 27:25 (16:13)

(Vejin 6 / Dimitrioski 4, Tankoski 4; Dupjachanec 11 saves)

Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar 1949 coach:
Metalurg showcased potential and fighting spirit but their inexperience in my opinion proved to be costly for them in this one. I feel like we weren’t fully focused on this match tonight with our eyes already looking towards national championship and I don’t like it. What’s good is that we’ve managed to beat Metalurg twice this season but they were close both times.

Nemanja Milovanovic, Zeleznicar 1949 player:
Tough game and I’m glad we managed to come out with a win. We could have decided this one way earlier but made some mistakes in key moments. I’m glad we in the end managed to secure three points.

Danilo Brestovac, Metalurg coach:
Most important thing is that we didn’t suffer any injuries. I’m nervous because players didn’t really stick to our tactics – they were a little undisciplined and that might cause us problems in Macedonian Championship. We missed Spende a lot and I have to say our line players played poorly today once again.

Luka Stojanovic, Metalurg player:
We missed a lot of clear chances tonight. However, what we must be satisfied with is the fact we were creating those quality looks and I believe we’ll manage to turn them into goals when most important matches come.