Baranau: 'We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we took control.'


Meshkov Brest - Vojvodina 35:19 (15:9)

(Djukic 9, Djordjic 5, Shylovich 3 goals, 8 assists / Celica 3, Tomic 3)

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
We didn’t play the way we wanted to. First 20 minutes were fine as we were able to maintain focus and keep close. However after that everything collapsed. Fatigue may be the reason as well as the fact we missed some of our key players but this can’t be an excuse. To be honest, even if we had all of our players available for this one I don’t think we would’ve come out victorious. This was the hardest defeat of the season for us after way better performances against both PPD Zagreb and Vardar. We must keep up the good work in order to achieve better results.

Rajko Prodanovic, Vojvodina player:
Brest delivered a quality performance today. We didn’t stand a chance. It was a pleasure for me to come here to Brest because I’m carrying some nice memories from the time I used to play here. I wish them all the best.

Manolo Cadenas, Meshkov Brest coach:
In Vojvodina’s matches against Vardar and PPD Zagreb they were able to keep close until the very end of the encounter and I have to say I had some worries about that. Guests started the match off better but it is a good thing we managed to turn the result upside down quickly with a few good substitutions. Our tempo was high and we were slowly rotating the team opening the gap. We’re facing two decisive CL matches now and I hope we’ll be able to play those matches in the same manner as we did in the second half today.

Maksim Baranau, Meshkov Brest player:
We lost the match against Vojvodina in Serbia and we knew they were able to stay close to some favoured opponents throughout the season which is why we were aware this was never going to be easy. First 15 minutes proved that. Tough match from the very beginning but as coach made some rotations we were able to take control of the match and keep it obviously until the very end.