Zeleznicar sign Miroslav Kocic, Izvidjac part ways with Goran Andjelic


SEHA League teams are still working on making their rosters better and wider knowing that there are still many matches left to play until the end of the season. 

Newest SEHA signing is the one Zeleznicar made recently with experienced 37-year-old goalkeeper Miroslav Kocic who is arriving from Romanian Politechnica Timisoara. However, former Serbian national team goalie has previously played for Vojvodina, Metalurg, Besiktas and Saran and will most definitely be a strong addition to a team led by coach Veselin Vujovic. This way, nine years later, Kocic returned to a team he started his professional career in. 

’I’m happy to be back and I can hardly wait for new matches. I am happy to play for ’Zelja’ once again although club went through a lot of changes in this nine-year period. Goal is to become Serbian champs for the first time and everyone believes in that. I’m aware of the expectations but the entire team must improve because even Omeyer wouldn’t be what he is today if he didn’t have great defense standing in front of him. It would be great if we could use every single regional league game to make progress and improve’’, concluded Kocic. 

Apart from that, Izvidjac Ljubuski parted ways with Goran Andjelic who will continue his career in Polish SPR Stal Mielec.