Kvesic: “Handball is a team sport and we all played well as a team“

Josip Kvesic

Izvidjac - Zeleznicar 1949 29:24 (12:10)

(Alilovic 7, Ivanovic 6; Kvesic 20 saves / Spasic 5; Stosic 11 saves)

Mario Bjelis, Izvidjac coach: 
Finally, a victory for us. Tough game overall but we needed this one and I believe it will boost our players with self-confidence. Defense was good and goalkeeper was stunning. 

Josip Kvesic, Izvidjac goalkeeper: 
This is a good thing for us, for the future. Handball is a team sport and today we all played well as a team. 

Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar 1949 coach: 
We always make more mistakes playing away from home. Izvidjac deserved to win this one and I hope this win will serve them as motivation for what’s ahead of them. 

Andrija Madjar, Zeleznicar player: 
We expected hosts to deliver a solid performance here today. However, we most certainly didn’t expect that we’ll make as much mistakes as we did and that’s in my opinion the reason for our loss.