Serbian derby in Novi Sad


Second Serbian SEHA - Gazprom derby is scheduled for Tuesday (18.00 CET) with Vojvodina hosting Zeleznicar in what will be their third encounter of the season. Reigning Serbian champs have already managed to defeat their biggest national rivals twice convincingly this season – in SEHA Gazprom League (20:27) and in Serbian Super Cup final (26:20). However, Zeleznicar are definitely playing better now than in the beginning of the season which is why we’re most definitely up to a great one in Slana bara sports hall on Tuesday evening.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach: 
We’re playing against a team which is progressing on a daily basis really and is designed for big results. They are our biggest national rivals and I believe this will be a tough match and a battle of defences. Whoever delivers a better defensive performance will, in my opinion, win the match. 

Mirko Milasevic, Vojvodina player: 
We’re playing better and better and I hope our injured players will recover and be able to join us in this one. We have better results than we did last season – we’re training hard and it’s proving to be effective. We’ve already managed to beat them twice this season and it is never easy to defeat the same team three teams in only a few months. 

Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar coach: 
Vojvodina are obviously favorites in this one as they already managed to defeat us twice this season in a quite convincing manner. Back then they were far tougher and more aggressive on the defensive side of the court while they at the same time had a better balanced roster. I believe they are still favorites but I feel like we’ve improved a lot and that the difference is not as big as it was. I expect this to be a good match but I can’t predict the result. It is however clear we’ll do everything to get back to them for these two losses. Three defeat in only the first part of the season wouldn’t really be a pleasing result for us but we’re both aware that the most important matches will be those which we’ll play in Serbian Play-Off. 

Vladimir Jevtic, Zeleznicar player: 
Vojvodina are certainly favorites playing at home and with our first two encounters of the season in mind. However, we’re playing much better now and the overall atmosphere is way better at the moment so we’re definitely not going there with a ‘white flag’. Guys believe we can win the match and in my opinion it wouldn’t even be such a surprise as I believe we’re quite levelled but, I repeat, I believe they are favorites because they are playing in front of their fans.