Cutura: 'We didn't stick to the plan'

Zeleznicar - Izvidjac

ZELEZNICAR 1949 - IZVIDJAC 30:21 (15:7)

(7 Sretenovic, 5 Spasic, 5 Damjanovic / 7 Alilovic)

Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar coach

A historic victory for us. I can only imagine what my colleague feels like right now because I know days like this can happen from time to time. I was actually surprised by the way they played today but also by the aggressiveness we displayed out there. Once we opened the gap it was hard for them to get back into this one. We're using this league best we can to improve for what's ahead. Once again, congrats to my players on this win. 

Mario Bjelis, Izvidjac coach

In the first half we made two fouls and I think 12 turnovers. I believe our younger category teams would display a better level of aggressiveness. This is in my opinion where our end really began. In the second half we were able to play better for about 10 or 15 minutes but after that we once again started committing costly mistakes. 

Andrija Madjar, Zeleznicar player

I can honestly say we feel a huge relief right now. This means much for our future work, not because of the result itself but because of the psychological level. This young team need patience and I feel like our results so far were not the realistic picture of what we can. Coach believed in us all the time and we've finally managed to win a match. I hope this will bring fans back to the hall. 

Josip Cutura, Izvidjac player

Congrats to Zeleznicar. As coach already said, we didn't stick with what we've agreed on in the locker room. In the first ten minutes it was fine but after that we made way too many turnovers and it basically destroyed our chances here tonight.