Take a look at some of the most fascinating numbers in SEHA history!


We have witnessed some incredible matches over the years in the SEHA – Gazprom League. We decided to bring you some brilliant individual and team performances. Did you know that Radoslav Antl and Dejan Manaskov share the record for the most goals scored in one match? Or that Bruno Butorac set one of the individual records earlier in the season? After 7 seasons we wanted to show 7 incredible single records, so take a look at some of the most fascinating numbers in the history of the SEHA – Gazprom League!


Most goals in one half by a player:
Radoslav Antl 10 (Tatran Presov- Maks Strumica 31/10/2015)
Dejan Manaskov 10 (2/12/2015- Vardar- Maks Strumica 42:27)
Blaž Janc 10 (15/11/2016 Celje PL- Gorenje Velenje 34:28)

-Most goals in a match by a player:
Dejan Manaskov 17 (2/12/2015- Vardar- Maks Strumica 42:27)
Radoslav Antl 17 (Tatran Presov- Maks Strumica 31/10/2015)

-Most assists in a match by a player:
Bruno Butorac 12 (10/12/2017 Meshkov Brest- Tatran Prešov 32:26)

-Most saves made in a match:
Ivan Pešić 23 (7/2/2015- Radnički- Meshkov 26:33)
Ivan Stevanović 23 (6/10/2015 Borac m:tel- PPD Zagreb 21:35)
Tibor Ivanišević 23 (14/11/2015 Borac m:tel- Maks Strumica 26:21)
Urban Lesjak 23 (22/2/2017- Celje PL- Tatran Presov)

-Most 7m goals scored in a match by a player:
Momir Ilic 9 (27/8/2014 Vojvodina- MKB- MVM Veszprem 19:32)

-Most total goals in one match:
80 goals: Tatran Presov- Nexe 43:37 (20/11/2013)

The biggest winning margin:
34 goals: MKB- MVM Veszprem- Maks Strumica 50:16 (25:10) (6/2/2016)