Tatran Presov sign Titouan Afana Gatine

Titouan Afana Gatine

After reaching an agreement to sign Martin Stranovskyfrom SC Erlangen, Tatran Presov have secured another interesting signing for the 2018/2019 season. Titouan Afana Gatine is coming from Paris Saint-Germain youth team, and had previously played for St. Raphael. He plays as a right back, and will be a big reinforcement for the Slovakian champions - as Bruno Butorac is the only player in that position. Gatine signed a two year contract with an option to extend it for one more year. Similar to Stranovsky, he will join the team next season.

Tatran's general manager Miroslav Benicky commented on the transfer for the club's website: "Titouan Afana Gatine is a Lyon native, he is 197 cm tall and we had some information about his skills. We talked to coaches at PSG and they were highly recommending him. This is something new for us as well, it's a further mix of languages in the dressing room, but we believe that handball is a universal language. Titouan has never played outside of France before, so this is going to be a challenge for him as well. He is coming to a young team, and we have no doubt he will fit in."

Titouan Afana Gatine is the first Frenchman in Tatran's history, and we cannot wait to see him next season.