Kodrin: “Our defense was too soft in opening ten minutes“

Tilen Kodrin

Celje PL - Dinamo 39:25 (25:15)

(Mlakar 7, Jurecic 5, Groselj 5 / Saponjic 6, Dimitrijevic 5)

Ivan Petkovic, Dinamo coach:
In the first half our defense was really poor and we were struggling trying to stop their transition. I believe Celje is one of the fastest teams in Europe. We allowed them to score way too many goals in the first, it seemed like we lacked energy. Of course we missed our injured players but I don’t think this was the key for our loss today.


Ivan Dimitrijevic, Dinamo player:
We knew what we can expect from this match in Celje - lots of running. In the first half we failed to stick with our tactics allowing too many goals. Second half was better but the gap was already too wide for us to make the match narrow in the end. This one was decided in the first half.

Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
We allowed too many goals early into the match. We had some ups and downs today, displayed some great moves but also made some bad decisions. Good thing is we were able to rotate today and grab a clear win in the end. I wish Pancevo all the best. 

Tilen Kodrin, Celje PL player:
Our defense was too soft in opening ten minutes and by that we’ve committed a few turnovers providing Dinamo with a chance to score some easy goals. Later we played the way we agreed to before the match - our defense got better, goalies did their job and we opened the gap taking a clear win in the end.