Milic: “We’ve prepared better for this match“

Strahinja Milic

Vardar - Celje PL 35:27 (20:10)

(Dibirov 7, Popovski 6; Milic 14 saves / Mackovsek 11)  

Raul Gonzalez, Vardar coach:
Celje are playing very fast and we always struggle playing against them. I think they were tired though after the match against PSG. Our goalkeeper Milic had 12 saves in the first half only and that made a big difference. In the second half Celje played better than us but I want to emphasize I’m satisfied with this win. Now we’ve got to work and prepare for SEHA F4 as well as for upcoming CL challenges.

Strahinja Milic, Vardar goalkeeper:
We’ve prepared better for this match obviously while on the other side Celje didn’t play the way we both know they can. We’ve also got to admit we were lucky at some moments today. Anyhow I’d like to wish Celje all the best in SEHA League and Champions League.

Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
We’ve played an awful match here today, committed 20 turnovers which is three times more than usual. This is a difficult period for us, we’ve had an intense match against PSG, now this versus Vardar and we’ll in a few days travel to Poland to play Kielce. Vardar today knew how to take advantage of our mistakes moving the ball, playing excellent in transition. I want to apologize to our fans and I can only say I hope we’ll start playing better soon.

Urban Lesjak, Celje PL goalkeeper:
We’ve played below our realistic possibilities today. We must get some rest now and then analyze in order to get out of this situation as fast as possible. Our game has to be faster like it was earlier this season and in case we do that we’ll start achieving better results.