Vardar confident in Presov, Dibirov shines with 9

Tatran Presov - Vardar

Vardar managed to remain invincible in SEHA - Gazprom League. After a draw in Brest, two days later they reached three new points beating Tatran 22:30 in Presov. Macedonians had their thing going from the beginning and Tatran were throughout the full course of the match trying to keep up. In the first half Luka Cindric and Timur Dibirov were running the game for Vardar while on the other side Jakub Hrstka did his best to keep hosts close. Problem was however that Milic was today way better than Chupryna. Things got a bit more narrow when Cvitkovic stepped in with Vardar making a mistake or two allowing Tatran to come to only -1 (13:14) which was the result after the end of the first half.

'Red&Black' opened the second half better too and Tatran were again forced to run the result which is never easy when playing against such an experienced team reigning European champs surely are. Macedonians opened the gap to five about 10 minutes until the final whistle and it was clear the story was at that moment all over. League's best scorer Bruno Butorac definitely remembers better days as Vardar' defense did everything to stop his moves which was obviously one of key factors of the encounter today. In the end Janja Vojvodic did a great job helping Vardar keep the gap open and sail towards an easy win.

Dibirov netted nine for winners, Milic had 12 saves while on the other side Hrstka scored eight.

Vardar will in 10 days host Celje and Tatran will a day later play Dinamo in Pancevo.