EHF Euro 2018, Day 10: Spain easily overcome Macedonia

Joan Canellas

For the second day in a row, we saw two completely different matches. In the first match of the day in Group II in Varazdin, Denmark narrowly defeated Germany- 26:25. Hans Lindberg scored 9 and the main star Mikkel Hansen added 5 more which brought an important victory for Denmark.

Group II (Varazdin): Macedonia - Spain 20:31 (6:15)The match was pretty much over after the first half. Spain was able to keep Macedonia down to just 6 goals, the main reason being a high number of turnovers commited by Gonzalez's side. 21 turnovers were far too much for Macedonia, and Spain took advantage of it. 13 different players were on the scoresheet for Spain, and a great team effort resulted in a big win in the end. Manaskov and Stoilov scored 4 goals for Macedonia, but it was a really poor performance from Macedonia. Their goalkeepers might have been the only bright spot tonight in Varazdin, as they combined for 21 saves- Mitrevski with 14 and Ristovski had 7. Spain has Slovenia next and Macedonia play Czech Republic.