Celje without pressure on their shoulders but with high expectations in Brest

Meshkov Brest - Celje PL

Year finale is bringing us matches which might play a key role in SEHA - Gazprom Final 4 race and one of those matches is scheduled for Wednesday (18.30 local time) with Meshkov welcoming Celje PL.

Teams already met a few times this season so there are no secrets and hidden tactics. In their SEHA premier of the season Meshkov celebrated a 29:24 win in Slovenia and in Champions League they were at home better (also with 29:24) while Celje managed to achieve a 33:33 draw in Zlatorog.

This will be Meshkov’ third SEHA derby in a row after they managed to beat both PPD Zagreb and Tatran in last two weeks. This time coach Bebeshko decided to mix his roster up a little bit as they are preparing for an important national championship match against SKA Minsk which is at the moment a priority for them and especially because Celje will also come to Brest with a bit rejuvenated roster.

Sergey Bebeshko, Meshkov coach:
Celje is a team we're quite familiar with. So far, we've already played more than a few matches against them this season and I believe they will arrive in Brest with a wish to achieve an away win which would help their intentions of reaching F4 tournament. Considering us, we'll play a tough away match against SKA Minsk in a few days which is a top priority for us at the moment. That's why we'll use a bit rejuvenated roster strengthened with some players like Mijatovic and Prodanovic. SEHA League is very important for us but we must take care of our national league as well. Matches like this are always welcome because younger players can use them to gather more experience and develop.

Artsiom Selviasiuk, Meshkov player:
We are preparing for the match thoroughly as we will face a strong rival. Our matches against them in Champions League are a clear proof of that. I’m sure our players are capable of delivering a strong resistance and fight.

Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
This is in my opinion the hardest away match of the season because we won’t have a real training session in three days. That takes a lot of energy and it is not easy to deliver it since we’re so close to the winter break now. Brest is a great team which consists out of many great players from different countries. We’ve seen how strong they can be in our Champions League encounters this season. We won’t be able to count on Lesjak and Beciri who are both dealing with minor injuries and will stay at home. 

David Razgor, Celje PL player:
After an important Slovenian derby match win last week we’re now traveling to Brest without any pressure. They managed to beat us two weeks ago in Champions League and we’ll do our best to reach three points this time because points in this match would be very important. I expect a good match against my brother’s team on Wednesday.

Match will be broadcasted on Arena Sport channels, ehf TV, BLR TV (Belarus) and Sport TV (Slovenia).