Malus: “We’ve played the way we know - great defense, easy goals“

Jaka Malus

Celje PL - Gorenje Velenje 31:27 (16:12)

(Beciri 6, Malus 6, Mackovsek 4 / Toskic 6, Brumen 6, Verdinek 4)


Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
I think we witnessed an interesting match today. There were a lot of nice plays, defenses, saves. Considering all the difficulties we’re both experiencing with injuries et cetera I believe we’ve both delivered good performances. We were focused, ready for everything they threw at us, ready to punish all their mistakes. We were effective in attack but slowed down a bit too early allowing them to come closer. Of course, that’s not something I’m satisfied with but I want to congratulate my players, especially those experiencing health problems like Jaka Malus who ended up playing 60 minutes in both attack and defense. I would also like to say atmosphere was great, both Florijani and Saleski grascaki created an amazing ambient for this match. 


Jaka Malus, Celje PL player:
We prepared thoroughly for the match because Gorenje are a good team. We’ve played the way we know - great defense, easy goals which in the end secured us a nice finish and a win. Gorenje on the other hand really proved their worth, they did not surrender trying to reduce the gap which they eventually did late into the encounter. We’ve got to work on finishing strong because this way teams can punish us. I would also like to thank our fans. It is always easier to play in such an atmosphere.

Zeljko Babic, Gorenje Velenje coach:
Celje dominated tonight winning the match in the end. That sums up everything. We of course feel bad for the loss but we did not play even close to how we really can, deliver what we’re actually capable of. You can’t beat Celje if you don’t believe it. That’s the main thing I’m trying to implement here, change their mindset. That however doesn’t change the fact Celje are a great team with great coach. We did not play defense today, did not use too many clear looks. I hope we’ll deliver a better outing next time we play them.

Niko Medved, Gorenje Velenje player:
We were not on the right level tonight, especially in the first half. We allowed them to score too many goals through the middle, failed to stop their counters and that’s simply a thing you must do when you play against them. In attack we were also not good enough for this level. We managed to came a bit closer in the end but it was already too late. Celje deserved to win today, I’d like to congratulate them and wish them all the best.