Andjelic: "I believe this win brought up some self-confidence "

Metalurg - Nexe

Metalurg - Tatran Presov 31:30 (18:13)

(Jaganjac 9, Tokic 5, Kuzmanovski 5, Pesevski 5 / Butorac 11, Hrstka 3, Cip 3, Krok 3) 

Aleksandar Jovic, Metalurg coach:
Win is here but we can't be satisfied with the way we achieved it. We've once again seen we are capable of delivering about 40-45 minutes of quality performance and after that we start falling down rapidly. In one moment we've even had +11 and now it is clear that we needed that big advantage in order to be able to keep it all the way until the end and win. Main reason for this downfall were some bad shooting chances we ended up taking unnecessarily allowing them to cut the gap with huge 0-10 series. However, I repeat, it feels good we found a way to exit this slump and we must keep up the good work in upcoming matches.

Bozo Andjelic, Metalurg player:
We've played good 45 minutes after which we once again entered this bad period. However, it feels good to win and I believe this win brought up some self-confidence which will surely be needed in Champions League against Sporting. I'd also like to use this chance to congratulate Tatran on a good match.

Slavko Goluza, Tatran coach:
I have to congratulate my colleague Jovic on a well-deserved win. We've known match will look more-less like this. After all the analysis we did I have to say the way my players entered the match surprised me. We did not foul them once in that period and by that made a lot of mistakes in the attack but even in the moment when we were 11 goals down I believed we can make it because I knew Metalurg will not manage to keep playing like that all the way until the final whistle. I knew our five minutes will come. It in the end happened when we managed to bring the match to a narrow finish with quality 15 minutes. However, when you play the way we did today you are somehow not allowed to feel sorry about the loss. I mean, I'm just being realistic. Congrats to Metalurg once again, I have to say I'd like to see them rise again because we all know what Metalurg means to Macedonia.

Bruno Butorac, Tatran player:
Bad match from our side in which we were not able to find the right answers in defense and were on the other side making beginner mistakes in attack failing to score from some clear looks. Only thing to highlight from our side in this one would be fighting spirit we showed in final ten minutes.