Routine win for Celje in Pancevo

Dinamo - Celje PL

Celje celebrated their third SEHA Gazprom victory of the season on Tuesday defeating Serbian vice-champions Dinamo in Pancevo 37:26 (20:11) despite of a tough CL match against Meshkov Brest they played only three days ago.

It was a special match for Celje’s summer signing Luka Mitrovic who was eager to prove himself in front of the fans in his home town of Pancevo scoring three of opening four goals for Slovenian powerhouse. Hosts were well motivated to deliver their A-game against favored Slovenians but there simply wasn’t much they could do against Celje’s strong defense led by Matic Suholeznik in the middle, Urban Lesjak and his 10 saves in only the first half as well as Celje’s well-known weapon - fast breaks which helped them extend the gap to 9 (16:7) with less than 5 minutes left to play in the first.

Dinamo opened the second half better with Pavle Banduka netting one of 18:22 signaling coach Branko Tamse it is time to wake his team up. Tamse eventually did it, his players went on scoring 5 in a row proving their worth and deciding winner in this one. Luka Jovanovic finished the match as Dinamo’ best scorer in this one with 5 while on the other side Jan Jurecic took that title in Slovenian roster with 7.