Djordjic: "For me as a Serb it is pleasing to see that there is such a young and promising team in my homeland"

Meshkov Brest - Dinamo

Meshkov Brest - Dinamo 29:26 (17:14) 

(Razgor 7, Djordjic 7 / Saponjic 6, Banduka 5) 

Ivan Petkovic, Dinamo Pancevo coach:
I’d like to congratulate Sergei Bebeshko and their team on a magnificent win over Kielce and of course today. I’d also like to thank and congratulate my players for giving their absolute best at the moment. We know their schedule is quite tense which forced them to leave a lot of players out of matchday roster. Good match for us anyway and I’d like to wish them best of luck in Paris.

Ivan Mirkovic, Dinamo Pancevo player:
Our performance was really good today. We’re hoping to keep on using SEHA League matches to improve our skills and get ready for national championship.

Sergey Bebeshko, Meshkov Brest coach:
We’ve today witnessed the fact that each team puts extra effort playing against us and is extra motivated. In my opinion Dinamo wanted to show their best, prove their worth tonight and they did it. They were prepared perfectly for the game. Speaking of us it was predictable for us to be a bit exhausted after CL. Unfortunately for us, those who were out of roster for Kielce did not perform well today. We won but I have to say I expected a bit more. However, we keep on believing in our guys and the fact they’ll enter each upcoming match fully motivated with high morale. We’ve been taught a good lesson tonight. It’s time to keep on preparing for upcoming challenges now.

Petar Djordjic, Meshkov Brest player:
Opponents played well tonight. For me as a Serb it is pleasing to see that there is such a young and promising team in my homeland. In every single game the team has to be well prepared and fight for points. We won the match and we are on track preparing for next matches.