Vojvodina comfortably proceeds to the second qualifying round!


It was all Vojvodina in this double header. Everything was pretty much settled in the first match on Saturday when the Serbian champions won 33:13 against the Greek vice-champions Doukas. Ten Vojvodina players found themselves on the score-sheet which really is an encouraging sign as everyone got a chance to play and compete. Radovic scored 6, Cagalj and Grozdanic added 5 each to lead the hosts to a well-deserved win. Kederis scored 5 for the Greeks, but no one else really stood up as they’ve only managed to score 13 goals.

Since the first match was quite one-sided, Vojvodina coach Bozo Rudic had a chance to rest some of his more experienced players in the second encounter. Jovanovic led the way in the second tie with 7 goals for his team, and again it was Kederis proving to be the most dangerous player for Doukas by scoring 6 goals. This one was much closer, but since Vojvodina was the clear winner of this tie, because of the dominant first match performance, the second game wasn’t as important to the Serbian champions. It was a chance to try something new, but also to give a chance to the youth to experience playing in the EHF Cup. Vojvodina still won the match, it was 26:24.

Their next opponents are going to be Pfadi Winterthur, from Switzerland, a team that played in the EHF Cup group stage in 2014/15 and 2015/16. They are the current Swiss vice-champions.

The team from Novi Sad is back in action on Tuesday at 17:15 against PPD Zagreb and they will look to earn their first 3 points of the season. Perhaps they gained some momentum easily beating A.C. Doukas in this EHF Cup double-header.