Vardar powerful and efficient against Meshkov

Vardar - Meshkov Brest

Vardar have in SEHA - Gazprom League Round 3 derby managed to beat Meshkov 31:23 (17:14) mostly due to excellent defense enlarging their streak to three and sending Meshkov home without points first time in three seasons. Hosts were simply dominant tonight providing great defensive plays even when Meshkov decided to play 7 versus 6 attacks. Those were exactly situations in which hosts enlarged the gap to 9 (29:20) with less than 10 minutes left to play scoring on empty net. That was the moment guests were forced to admit they lost the match.

Beginning of the second half was however difference-making in this one with hosts enlarging the gap to 7 forcing coach Bebeshko to call two time-outs in less than five minutes. However, they could not avoid defeat today against favored opponents.

Vuko Borozan led reigning champions in this one with 6 goals while Ivan Cupic added 5. Arpad Sterbik finished the match with 8 saves. Stojkovic and Shylovich on the other side scored 5 each for Meshkov while Rade Mijatovic added 10 saves.

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20.12.Gorenje Vel.:Meshkov Brest37:28
17.12.Nexe:Metalurg Skopje31:31
17.12.Dinamo Pančevo:Gorenje Vel.27:29
16.12.Celje PL:Tatran Presov32:28
16.12.PPD Zagreb:Vojvodina35:25
13.12.Gorenje Vel.:Vardar24:30
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