All SEHA- Gazprom League matches to be aired on ehfTV

SEHA Final 4

7th SEHA- Gazprom League season has started! 18 rounds. 10 teams. 90 matches of the best handball experience in this part of Europe with some of the best players in the world. All matches are already televised in multiple countries in Europe, but we have some more exciting news.

SEHA- Gazprom League is proud to announce that as of this season all SEHA matches are going to be broadcasted on EHF TV. This is a strong step forward in the right direction for everyone involved with handball. We believe the quality of the League has already been recognized on multiple occasions, and this move just goes to show that the interest in the SEHA- Gazprom League has been growing each year. We are looking forward to embracing all the new handball fans into our SEHA community and we are pleased that more people are now going to have a chance to watch and follow all the SEHA- Gazprom League matches.