Dominik Krok delivers a clutch role as Tatran stun Meshkov

Tatran - Meshkov

What an amazing way to open SEHA - Gazprom League's seventh season! In an extremely tough and narrow clash Slavko Goluza and his team have, led by remarkably clutch role from Dominik Krok in the end and his four goals to eventually seal the deal, managed to stun favored Meshkov Brest 24:23. It did not appear to be such an interesting clash in the beginning with Meshkov sailing off to an early 3:0 lead but after that Tatran got into the match leveling the score at 11 after opening 30 minutes.

Second half was played goal-for-goal with, today especially motivated, goalies Chupryna and Pesic dictating the tempo of the match as well as Cip and Igropulo who has proved himself as a big reinforcement for Belarusian champions.

Finish of the match was completely marked by solo roles of Krok on one and Nikulenkau on the other side with Dominik Krok burying the dagger in final moments of the duel.