Presenting Meshkov Brest

SEHA i Meshkov Brest

Five SEHA seasons, five years of exponential quality rise. Last season was their best so far. They've managed to catch a place on SEHA F4 at home and by that it was their first season among Europe's best teams in CL. This year they are even stronger which brings them next to Vardar on SEHA title favorites list.

Sergey Bebeshko has managed to refresh his team for the new season letting Atman, Jamali, Kristopans, Babichev and Ostroushko leave and bringing new forces like Russian Alex Schkurinski, Czech Pavel Horak, Serbian national team player Petar Djordjic, Konstantin Igropulo to replace Kristopans and Vid Poteko instead of Babichev. All in all, it is clear we can expect even more from them this season. Considering the way they’ve managed to reinforce the team, it is clear they will this season turn out to be much quicker. They will also once again have a quality goalkeeping duo with Belarus national team first-choice goalie Ivan Matskevich joining Ivan Pesic between posts.

Last year was their first in both SEHA Gazprom League and Champions League's elite group. They are now more experienced and know what they can expect of a long season ahead. Key thing will be creating a solid defense to help Ivan Pesic close all pathways towards their net. Dzmitry Nikulenkau is also coming back after recovering from an injury which kept him off the court throughout the last season which means they will now have him, Kulak and Schkurinski dictating the tempo.

They did not manage to go all the way at home last season but considering what they did during the transfer period we can say they look even more dangerous and ready for big things this season.