National championships: Six double crowns, Borac ahead of Izvidjac

Izvidjac CO - Metalurg

National championships in SEHA participating countries are over or slowly coming to an end so we can already talk about potential SEHA Gazprom League participating teams for 2017/2018 season. From 9 SEHA participating countries, League can be proud of 6 of its teams reaching double crowns. There are however two more domestic Cup finals left to play - in Serbia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let's start with the recap...

MACEDONIA Vardar and Metaurg were once again able to secure top 2 positions. 'Red and black' will take yet another title in case Borec does not surprise them although their score against Metalurg is 1:1 with goal difference deciding everything this season. By that, Vardar have also managed to reach domestic Cup title defeating who else than Metalurg (31:30) in final.

HUNGARY Double crown for Telekom Veszprem. After the Cup title they've also managed to go all the way in domestic championship beating Szeged 23:17 at home and then losing 30:27 in an away fixture which was still more than enough for them to take the trophy.

BELARUS Double title for Meshkov, both times against SKA Minsk. In championship final 3-0 (34:31, 31:23, 35:28).

CROATIA PPD Zagreb have once again managed to reach the double crown with NEXE coming up short in both competitions. In Cup 7-meter shootout decided everything, and in domestic league two clear wins for 'Lions' - +7 in Zagreb and +12 in Nasice. 

SLOVAKIA Tatran Presov have managed to take home league title after 3-0 finals win against Sala (30:25, 30:27, 34:25). They have also taken the Cup title defeating Povaszka Bystrica 35:25. In addition to that, just as a reminder, former Croatian star-player and coach Slavko Goluza will from the next season take over as Tatran' coach.

SLOVENIA Double title for Celje PL. In domestic Cup they were better than Maribor and in the league they have 4-point advantage ahead of Gorenje with only one round left to play which means they will both secure SEHA status once again.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Change on the top with Borac m:tel taking the trophy instead of Izvidjac. In playoffs, 4 best teams - Borac, Izvidjac, Konjuh and Vogosca were all leveled at 9 points with goal difference deciding winner in favor of the team from Banja Luka. Cup is not played yet.