Meshkov and PPD Zagreb secure domestic Cup titles

Meshkov Brest - PPD Zagreb

Weekend behind us was reserved for domestic Cup finals in Belarus and Croatia.

Meshkov Brest have once again dominantly managed to prove they are the best team in Belarus going for their 10th Cup title. In semi-final in Gomel Sergey Bebeshko' players were with 36:23 better than Kronon and in grand final they've with 37:31 outplayed their biggest rivals - SKA Minsk. Dainis Kristopans was unstoppable pointing the right way for his team with 10 goals against SKA.

PPD Zagreb have on the other hand in Umag managed to reach their 24th domestic Cup title. 'Lions' were in semi-final with 34:27 better than Dubrava and in an extremely narrow final they have, after 7-meter shootout, managed to reach 28:27 (24:24) victory against NEXE. Things could have however ended up quite differently with Sasa Barisic-Jaman missing a chance to help his team stun favored Zagreb with what would have been a buzzer-beater to seal the deal after 60 minutes. Zlatko Horvat was once again PPD Zagreb' best scorer with 10 goals and on the other side Ivan Srsen did his best to keep close finishing the match with 9.