Statements after the final: “See you again in Cologne”

Vardar celebration

After the final of the SEHA - Gazprom League, in which Vardar took their third trophy after beating Vezprem 26:21, both sides hope on another clash in this season: at the Champions League final tournament at Cologne in June.

Here are the statements of coaches and players after the final:

Raul Gonzalez, coach Vardar:

Thanks to my players, they gave 100 percent against a very good team. I am very happy, as we have won a very important title, we fought for everything, now we have the trophy. We have to enjoy this moment after winning this important competition. Javier is the best coach of the world and I wish him and his team all the best for the future.

Ivan Cupic, player Vardar:

I hope that we meet again in the final in Cologne. Today we managed to win the game with a brilliant defence and goalkeeper. Only 21 goals from Veszprem is exactly what we had planned. We were the better team in both matches at Brest, we deserved to win this tournament. Now we have two more finals in the Champions League against Flensburg - and I dream to make it to Cologne for the first time in Macedonian handball.

Alex Dujshebaev, Vardar player:

The feeling is great of course, really amazing. We have managed to go all the way after what has so far been a really good season and it feels amazing. I am also happy because we have managed to prove everyone we are better than Veszprem at the moment because that's what we're feeling for a long time now. Great thing and of course a motivation to keep up with good work and close Champions League at least similarly successful.


Timur Dibirov, Vardar player:

Our defense decided this game - we have allowed a team like Veszprem to score only 21 goals and this is a prove we've manage to transfer everything we've agreed on prior to the game to the court. It is an amazing feeling and surely a thing which will help us find additional both motivation and strength to close Champions League in the best possible way.

Javier Sabate, coach Veszprem:

It was a well-deserved victory. Vardar is getting better every season, and getting closer to the Champions league Final4. Now they have the SEHA trophy and they were better than us, we played well until minute 43, then Vardar decided the match by a 5:1 series. We hope for one more match against Vardar at the Final 4 in Cologne. We are on a good way despite the defeat.

Dragan Gajic, player Veszprem:

It was a really tough match against a really good team of Vardar. Of course, you can't be satisfied with a loss but looking back at the season we have to say it maybe is realistic. I also feel like there is something good in this because it will bring us back to Earth a bit, help us realize in which aspects we still have to be better and of course help us work on it ahead of final matches in Champions League.

Vardar deserved this win, they were much better than us. When you scorer only 21 goals in a final you cannot win it, we were weak in attack. Now we have to step up as a team, as important weekends are ahead. I really, hope that we meet again in Cologne.

Momir Ilic, Telekom Veszprem player:

It is not easy to lose a final but we have to keep it real and admit Vardar was better today and maybe even throughout the whole SEHA season. We have managed to keep close until final 10 or 15 minutes when they scored some easy goals after some of our mistakes and decided everything.