Happy kids and victorious Russian journalists

Kids day

A match-free day for the four participants at the Final4  SEHA - Gazprom League does not mean a day without handballing Brest, Belarus: On Saturday first the premiere of a media tournament took place in the Victoria Arena, followed by the traditional kids’ day, which had been part of the event several times already.

Hundreds of kids and juveniles, who loved to play handball, had the chance to do so with their big stars - and those eight players had also fun to with them: Blaz Blagotinsek, Marko Kopljar (Veszprem), Rastko Stojkovic, Ljubo Vukic (Brest), Stipe Mandalinic, Zlatko Horvat (Zagreb), Alexandr Dereven, Timur Dibirov (Vardar). "We have always been a competition, which wants to attract the whole family to handball, and the Final4 events are always great opportunities to bring together kids and their idols", said Sinisa Ostoic, managing director of the SEHA - Gazprom League, truly impressed by the response of the Brest kids.

Before this event, three media teams locked horns in the Victoria training hall. Russia were the glorious winners of this tournament, first beating a media team from Belarus and then an international team of journalists constantly covering SEHA - Gazprom League.

"This tournament was great, because people who usually write about handball could be in a new role. This experience is really useful. We plunged into the atmosphere of this event. Today was our sixth game against Belarus and every time it's wonderful to have such emotions. We like it a lot and we are also happy about our victory", said Russian player Evgenij Gostev.

On the other hand, the hosts had hoped for another victory: "We were happy to participate in this tournament. But I'm really disappointed that we have lost to Russia, as it was the first time. But in general,  it was a great experience," said Belorussian player Belarusian journalist Sergei Mordasevich.