Ahead of F4: PPD Zagreb 6 from 6

PPD Zagreb

Sixth year in a row for PPD Zagreb to reach SEHA finals. Quality which is on its back carrying a big load of one of world’s best leagues. From four F4 participants, PPD Zagreb’ season was surely the most turbulent one. They’ve made a coach change almost at the very beginning struggling to catch next phase CL train and fighting for F4. In the end, they’ve successfully managed to meet all goals.

There were some big moments like wins against Vardar, Veszprem as well as draw in Brest against Meshkov. What we should add here is they’ve also managed to beat biggest rival in F4 race Celje PL twice.

If that was the standard they would now smile from the top but ups a downs were a big part of that journey. Loss in Veljenje, in Skopje against Metalurg, in Presov versus Tatran were toughest ones to handle. Silvio Ivandija has managed to give the maching some thrust but injuries were constantly slowing them down. They did not play a single match with full roster so far this season.

F4 is however in the club observed as a big chance to attack the throne after five-year long break. Team was led by most experienced players Tonci and Josip Valcic, Vori and Miklavic…

Silvio Ivandija’ team is well-known after tough defense which in combination with great goalie becomes invincible. Pavlovic and Sebetic should give the team even bigger wings and with them only sky is the limit for Zagreb. In SEHA Gazprom League Vardar stays in their way and in CL they will have to deal with Telekom Veszprem. Luckily for Zagreb fans, they’ve already proved neither of those teams is impossible to beat…




2016/17 League 4th place

2015/16 League 3rd place; F4 3rd place

2014/15 League 4th place; F4 3rd place

2013/14 League 2nd place; F4 3rd place

2012/13 League 4th place; F4 winners

2011/12 League 1st place; F4 3rd place


I’d like to thank all our fans for the support and I hope they show up in even bigger numbers in  following encounters!

Zlatko Horvat