Ahead of F4: Leaders change, Vardar with 33 goals per game

Final 4 LOGO

We always like to say this season was the best and for sixth season we once again have arguments to support the statement. Competition was never bigger, F4 fight never closer.

Vardar have managed to overtake the top spot in the battle against Telekom Veszprem proving the final race will be narrower than ever. Zagreb and Meshkov have once again taken positions 3&4 which means we’ll once again see semis like last season. Another big thing are all 4 participating teams reaching CL Last 16 phase that all 4 countries have in France managed to catch place among 16 best in the world.

Rookie season for Slovenian clubs which have taken two closest spots to top 4 and Celje PL were also given an honour with their own Blaz Janc being elected by regular season MVP. Metalurg and NEXE were playing as good as they possibly can, Tatran a little under average and a big experience for Izvidjac.

And some statistics for the end - Vardar have managed to score 599 goals (33 per game); Telekom Veszprem on the other side allowed only 458 (25 per game); Celje and Gorenje did not record a draw; Vardar have 15 victories, Izvidjac only 1 (against Tatran) and speaking of losses situation is completely opposite -  1 for Vardar and 16 for Izvidjac…