Ljubuski on their feet as Vardar close the regular season in style

Ljubuški pljeskao, Vardar sa stilom zaključio ligu

Izvidjac CO - Vardar

Vardar have in a good manner managed to close the regular part of SEHA Gazprom League season successfully lifting fans in well-crowded hall in Ljubuski on their feet in a few occasions. Although they were exhausted and weakened after CL, Macedonians have once again managed to prove why they are one of Europe's best teams in the moment. Izvidjac have managed to deliver a decent resistance but it was obviously not enough to move them away from the bottom. The fact that Vardar have in the end gathered 43 points more than them says quite a lot about quality difference between two teams. In the end 33:27, 17:12 after first 30. Ante Grbavac scored 8 for Izvidjac, Igor Karacic as much for Vardar. 

Zdenko Grbavac, Izvidjac CO coach:
The match could have ended a bit better for us speaking of result but we have what we have. We're repeating mistakes from match to match. Our biggest problem is a too big amount of respect we have for opponents in this league which eventually slows us down allowing them to enlarge the gap which we are rarely able to close throughout the match. However, this was a good match and I believe fans could enjoy it tonight.

Raul Gonzales, Vardar coach:
I'd like to congratulate Izvidjac on a good performance and my players on this win. It was not the perfect match from our side, I can say I'm not satisfied with how we were playing in defense throughout the bigger part of the match but the important thing is that we were in the end able to keep our focus and conclude the match with a few easy goals.

Marko Ivankovic, Izvidjac CO goalkeeper:
Vardar have today given us room to play but result is in my opinion realistic. Well match, we've delivered a good performance. Our main goal is to play best we can representing ourselves in best possible way here in SEHA League.

Ivan Cupic, Vardar player:
Fans can surely be happy, it was a good match from both sides. Izvidjac have whole lot of young quality players but the truth is we are better, more experienced in this moment and we've once again known how to use to reach a victory.