PPD Zagreb remain winless in Presov sixth season in a row

PPD Zagreb zostáva bez víťazstva v Prešove už šiestu sezónu v rade

Tatran Presov - PPD Zagreb

Tatran have managed to close one of their weakest SEHA seasons with a win against rejuvenated Zagreb (30:25) which arrived in Presov without 14 first-team players after an exhausting CL match last week. Tatran were up by 2 (12:10) after first 30 with goalkeepers sharing the spotlight as both Arian Jovic on one and Igor Chupryna on the other side grabbed 10 for their teams. However, Hrstka and rabek have in the second managed to take advantage of their experience leading their team towards well-deserved win. Cip and Hrstka were leading hots tonight scoring 7 each and on the other side Susnja netted 6 for Zagreb. Only regular season match left to play is the one between PPD Zagreb and Meshkov scheduled for Thursday (19.00 CET) in Varazdin where PPD Zagreb will play to secure position 3 and Meshkov will look to book a F4 place for what they need at least 1 point from this encounter.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran coach:
I am glad we've managed to win the game. We can only envy Zagreb and their young roster. Unfortunately, the only young player in Presov who plays regularly is Lukas Urban.  This is the biggest difference between Slovak and Croatian handball. Zagreb are able to develop players and open them whole lot of possibilities in the future. Vekic will also have a great career in the future if he keeps on working hard. Both teams have really played a correct match tonight and we've managed to prolong our positive home-court series against Zagreb. Now it is time to prepapre for domestic championship encounters.

Lukas Urban, Tatran player:
We've opened the match in a bit embarrassing way missing a lot of clear chances. However, we've in the second half managed to turn the match over improving in all aspects of the game and eventually extending the lead. I think we've deserved to win this match.

Silvio Ivandija, PPD Zagreb coach:
Congratulations to Tatran on a well-deserved win. We've made a lot of mistakes today which Tatran were able to capitalize on scoring a lot of easy goals. We've played here with a mixed roster that also comprises some young players who are the future of our club. We wanted to see how they'll react today and we can definitely say we're satisfied with what we've seen.

Josip Vekic, PPD Zagreb player:
We were playing well in the first half while we've had strength to do so. In the second 30 we were a bit tired making some unforced errors which have decided the match today. Congrats to Tatran.