Borbely saves the day with 17 saves as Veszprem edge Tatran

Veszprem - Tatran
Telekom Veszprem celebrated victory over Tatran Presov 32:28 (15:14) at the end of the regular part of SEHA GAZPROM League. Fans in "Veszprem Arena" were given a chance to enjoy combined roster led by Spanish coach Xavi Sabate in which some of young Hungarian players got a chance to show themselves on international stage. 

Slovak team used this chance well providing strong resistance throughout all 60 minutes even having 2-goal advantage (last time at 18:20) but hosts have managed to edge them in the end.

Adam Borbely took the chance with 17 saves between posts while Renato Sulic led the scorers along with Gasper Marguc scoring 6 each. On the other side Chupryna was leading Tatran with 14. Tomas Cip netted 8.

Xavi Sabate, Telekom Veszprem coach:
We have been working with our youngsters for one and a half years now and they showed that they are finally ready to play against a Champions League team. I totally understand my colleague’s point, they are playing in many competitions and I can relate to him. I am happy that young players could play today and experienced onescould have some time to rest because important moments are waiting for us. I am happy for Ligetvári and Szita that they could share 60 minutes in the left back position today. They still need some patience just like the others and have to work hard if they want to be great players. We have 12 young players on the roster this year. Result was not that important for us today because we've already booked second place. The most important thing for today was to give chance to those who have not played so much this season. Anybody who wants to play in Veszprém has to give his maximum in every training and match. Good luck to Presov for the rest of the season.  

Balazs Molnar, Telekom Veszprem player:
Congratulations to Tatran Presov. I 'm really happy because of the victory. We work very hard with our coaches and with the team. I am really happy because of this opportunity to play. That was the first time I could play in SEHA League, so I tried to give my best during the game. I can say that it's big honor to be able to play in Veszprém, because this is one of the best teams in Europe. When a young player gets the opportunity to play, he has to do it with 120%.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran Presov coach:
First of all congratulations to Veszprem and my colleague for the victory. I am happy that coach Sabate realized our strength and played with his second line. We have problems in back positions, we are missing 3 players and because of this others had to play for the whole game. I am happy for Igor Chupryna because he had some great saves against Veszprem. I am happy that despite of our difficult situation my team followed the tactical instructions well. Because of this situation young players had a chance today and I am sure this will be a great experience for them. 

Lubos Sarpataky, Tatran Presov player:
Congratulations to Veszprem. I think it's exciting to play here in Veszprem Arena for every young player, like me or my brother. We knew that we will play against a great team even when they are playing with their second line-up.